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Channel Swim

Bristle co-founder, Dan Jones is swimming 33,000m across the English Channel to raise awareness of the devasting plastic pollution crisis.
WHAT's the plan?

The Challenge

In Summer 2022, Bristle co-founder Dan Jones will be swimming 33km across the English Channel to raise awareness of the plastic pollution crisis. An experienced speed-flyer, surfer and climber, Dan is accustomed to taking on challenges others would laugh at – but this will be his biggest yet. He has begun his training, working with a local expert to ensure he is as prepared as possible.

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The Plastic Crisis

It's estimated that one truck load of plastic enters our oceans every minute. This is having a crippling impact on our planet's wildlife and biodiversity. Our current linear economy for dealing with waste has proven inadquete, yet worldwide we continue to ignore the problem right in front of us. We need to make a huge systematic shift and develop a transformative circular economy by giving recycled plastic a robust economic value.

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How does it work?

Traceable Impact

Dan has partnered with environmental start up Empower, who have pledged to remove 2kg of plastic from the ocean for every metre he swims. This real-world impact will be traceable via a tracker which will report where in the world the plastic has been removed, and how much! Along the way, Dan will be working with other partners across the UK to raise awareness of plastic pollution and, most importantly, the solutions to the problem.

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