Sustainability Promise

Lots of people taking small steps, creates big change.
It’s a philosophy Bristle was founded on, and one that runs through the heart of everything we do.

our products

Innovative by design

We are endlessly inspired by the circular economy framework, and will never stop working to innovate and improve our products to reduce their impact on our planet.

From product design to packaging to delivery, we are incredibly proud of the strides we have made in creating a sustainable product line and business model. But we're not perfect, and we promise to continue improving, year on year.

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our packaging

Zero waste,
zero excuses

In our humble opinion, packaging has one job: get your purchase to you safely. And it should have minimal impact in the process. That means no unnecessarily large boxes or buckets of padding. No flyers. Most definitely no plastic.

So we work with incredible specialist manufacturers in the UK to ensure our packaging is 100% plastic free and recyclable in your household waste streams. You won't find any sneaky PLA lining or industrial grade biodegrading here.

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Our campaigns

More than just a toothbrush

We really give a sh*t about this stuff. Bristle was started to help people in the UK make simple, planet-positive changes to their daily routine. Since then, our platform has grown significantly and we intend to use it wisely!

From supporting your local beach clean, to our founder swimming the english channel to raise awareness of plastic pollution, we've got some big projects in the works. We'd love for you to get involved to!

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